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Barbeque Wind Gaurds Review

If you love barbequing, then you know how hard it is to protect your hot food from a cold wind chill. This is especially true with portable barbequing when you are out camping or hiking. There is nothing like a good, cold wind to ruin your hot barbeque food items. One great idea is to use a wind guard to protect your food from the force of the wind. Wind guards are perfect for any kind of gas barbequing at your home or on the road.

Barbeque wind guards are made from aluminum, anodized steel, powder-coated steel, and sometimes they are even made from fabric to go around portable food warmers, used for holding hot barbeque food items. These units are small and can easily be set up in just a few minutes time. Most wind guards are after-market brands, but some units are available directly from your name brand manufacture. Wind guards are inexpensive and lightweight in design too.

What It Does?

Barbeque wind guards prevent cold wind from entering the area where you are barbequing. They help keep your food hot for longer and in the case of portable barbeque units, prevent your gas flame or burner flame from going out from sudden wind gusts.

Most barbeque wind guards simply fold around your barbeque and add a protective layer of metal or fabric to not allow the wind to enter in. Some units though are quite flexible and are in the shape of a half-circle. This kind of barbeque wind guard can be quite helpful on small portable gas barbeques with a flame to worry about because, they can literally wrap entirely around the whole portable barbeque unit. Wind guards can also be used around accessory items that are on your barbeque, such as a side burner. With the side burner cover open, there is little protection for your gas flame. Simply wrap a fold up and portable wind guard around the burner and you will have a steady flame without any worries.

Be careful when using metal, aluminum, or steel barbeque wind guards as they can quickly conduct heat. You don’t want to get burned! Also, these wind guards can actually transfer additional heat to the food you are cooking, causing it to be over-cooked or burned. Make sure you have a bit of space in-between your barbeque and the wind guard itself.


Major Manufactures

Wrap-n-guard, Grillguards, Belson, Kristline.



Pricing for barbeque wind guards range from the low end of $9.99 for flexible models to $59.99 for higher end fold up models.

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